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Next CCF Exam Date(s):
October 10, 2015 - Exam Registration Form

Next Prep Exam Date(s):
September 19, 2015 - Northern California Prep Class

September 27, 2015 - Southern California Prep Class


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Our mission is to establish, promote and maintain a program of professional floral design certification, through education to employees and owners of floral businesses and to the public in the State of California, and to provide members with continuing education programs and services. The California State Floral Association with extensive help from the Master Florists Association has created this program to promote professional expertise and promote its use in the floral industry.

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What is the California Certified Florist Program?


The California Certified Florist (CCF) is a certification program sponsored by the California State Floral Association.  The CCF Program recognizes proficiency of professional knowledge and expertise. Testing is based on suggested reading materials and practical design experience. The CCF certificate is maintained and renewable by keeping annual dues current with The California State Floral Association (CSFA), attending professional events, and participation in continuing education workshops.


Why become a California Certified Florist?

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  • CCF is recognized as a prequalifying exam for AIFD membership and certification
  • To be classified among the state’s most respected and knowledgeable florists
  • To develop and maintain industry standards promoting respectability, professionalism and service in our field
  • For the privilege of using the CCF accreditation and logo in advertising and promotions
  • To help raise the profile of our profession

Who may become a Certified Florist?

  • Retail florist shop owners
  • Retail florist employees
  • Free-lance designers
  • Party and event designers
  • Floristry students.

How to become a Certified Florist


Applicants may pursue certification independently or be sponsored by an employer. Sponsored students who attain certification will automatically earn a certificate for their employer while attaining their own credential. Applicants must pass a one-day examination that is scheduled once a year in either Northern or Southern California.

The first step is to apply and order your study materials. Click here for more information

The second step is to take the exam. Please check the Exam page for upcoming exam dates and locations. Click here for more information.

For general information about the California Certified Florist Program please contact us directly at: